Mixing It Up

I know tomorrow is Monday once again but hopefully these Harry Potter cupcakes will brighten your day! I don’t normally share a lot of things about myself because honestly I’m not all that interesting. 😂 Although I love reading and painting, I also love decorating cupcakes. I used to have a lot more time on my hands before I has three sweet kiddos so I’m able to decorate cupcakes as much as I used to. I still love getting out the fondant every once in a while.

What’s something you enjoy doing other than reading (running, hiking, bowling, gardening, painting)?

☀️ Summer reading at it’s best! ☀️
Lover of all things Harry Potter, wine and cats.
❤️ Listen. Learn. Love. ❤️
I’ve been working on some more illustrations. This is a day in my life! 😂
The best way I felt to cope with saying goodbye to Luna was to draw. 💕