The Lost Night by Andrea Bartz- Book Review

I’ve had this book on tbr list for over a year now and I’m so glad I finally read. It was a great, fast pace, psychological thriller that I needed. It took me on a whirlwind ride of who done it and I did not expect that ending. It started with a gripping beginning and ended with a jaw dropping ending. The middle was a little slow for me and maybe is was because the beginning was so good but then the author had to explain the story and slowed the middle down a little but the ending pulled it through and I didn’t see it coming. I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫.

Synopsis: In 2009, Edie had New York’s social world in her thrall. Mercurial and beguiling, she was the shining star of a group of recent graduates living in a Brooklyn loft and treating New York like their playground. When Edie’s body was found near a suicide note at the end of a long, drunken night, no one could believe it. Grief, shock, and resentment scattered the group and brought the era to an abrupt end.
A decade later, Lindsay has come a long way from the drug-addled world of Calhoun Lofts. She has devoted best friends, a cozy apartment, and a thriving career as a magazine’s head fact-checker. But when a chance reunion leads Lindsay to discover an unsettling video from that hazy night, she starts to wonder if Edie was actually murdered—and, worse, if she herself was involved. As she rifles through those months in 2009—combing through case files, old technology, and her fractured memories—Lindsay is forced to confront the demons of her own violent history to bring the truth to light.

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